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    Buying and Selling In An Aggressive Colorado Market!

    1. Get representation!  An old saying is that “only a fool hires himself as his attorney” and the same adage can be applied to real estate. Particularly in a market that is fast-paced and unpredictable, good representation is a necessity, not a luxury. If you are a buyer, representation is free to you. If you are a seller, you will pay a commission to our team only AFTER we get your home sold for a price you agree to. And for every property – whether it’s an $80,000 condo or an $800,000 home, we invest serious resources staging, photographing, and marketing your property to make sure you receive the best price possible. We are proud that we often sell our properties well over the market average for your neighborhood. Bottom line? If you need heart surgery, do you go to the surgeon who does the procedure six or seven times a year or the one who does 100? Experience matters and our team is here ready to serve you.


    2. Integrity matters.  In an aggressive market, work with a team that cares about YOU and what your family needs. The Fisk Team does not take every listing. And we are not afraid to tell a buyer “No” when the property is not a good fit. You need representation with the integrity to be honest with you. Maybe your house is worth less than what you think. Maybe you want to put an offer in on a property higher than what it’s objectively worth. How will you know the truth if you are working with an agent who cares more about making a buck than taking care of you? We will never lie to you. We never ask what you think your house is worth before we tell you what the market says it will sell for. And for buyers, we always predicate our advice on the assumption that two, three, or ten years down the road you will be selling your property with us and it will be our job to make your investment pay off.  An old rule of of Real Estate is that you make your profit on a property when you buy it, not when you sell it. We work hard to put every client in a position where the largest purchase you might ever make is a smart and wise decision…. based on objective data. Bottom line? The majority of the Fisk Team business is repeat and referral business because we care about your interests more than closing another deal.


    3. In an aggressive market, mistakes cost you dearly.  In the greater Colorado Springs and El Paso County, we are at a 26 year LOW in inventory. Properties priced at less than approximately $400,000 are in extremely high demand. And right now, over 25% of properties are falling out of contract and going back on market. It’s not an anomaly, it’s inexperienced agents and emotional buyers going too fast and making mistakes. Select a Real Estate team with a long track record of successfully negotiating the tricky waters of completing a transaction once you are under contract. In fact, our team trains under the most experienced real estate attorneys in the state to make sure we continue to be EXPERTS in the Colorado Contract and we are ready to put that expertise to use for YOU.

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