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    “Thank You” Money Back For Military/Fire/LEO


    The Fisk Team money back rebate program is for all veterans, active duty military, fore, and police officers along with civilian support personnel!

    This program is for members of the military (and veterans), firefighters, law enforcement, and any other “first responders.” You take care of our community…we want to take care of you. Across 2016/2017 our team was able to give back over $114,000 exclusively to Fisk Team buyers and sellers! We are aiming to do even better in 2018!!

    Fisk Team principal, Lisa Fisk, was raised in a military family and relocated often including stops in Ohio, Alaska, Oklahoma, and Colorado. She knows first-hand the myriad of challenges that military families face as they relocate from one assignment to the next. The Fisk Team chooses to offer a significant incentive to active duty and retired service members because we believe it’s the right thing to do. Our incentive doesn’t lock you into any particular mortgage company and we don’t cut corners – you will receive the same excellent service that every client enjoys! A few years back, we decided to extend this program to ALL law enforcement, firefighters, and civilian support personnel (like administrators, 911 operators, etc.).

    How does it work? Very simple…we reduce our commission (for buyers AND Sellers) and give the money to you. You can use the funds to pay closing costs, for a gift card to a home improvement store, or any way you choose. The money is yours and it makes buying and selling just a little bit easier. If you are selling one home and buying another, you receive the gift from us twice!




    $50,000 – $99,999                                  $650
    $100,000 – $149,999                                  $950
    $150,000 – $249,999                                  $1,250
    $250,000 – $399,999                                  $1,550
    $400,000 – $449,999                                  $1,850
    $450,000 – $499,999                                  $2,250
    $500,000 – $549,999                                  $2,750
    $550,000 – $599,999                                  $3,750
    $600,000 – $699,999                                  $4,200
    $700,000 – $799,999                                  $4,700
    $800,000 – $899,999                                  $5,300
    $900,000 – $999,999                                  $5,800
    $1,000,000 and more                                  $6,400